Thursday, February 9, 2012

rules for moms of boys, 2, 3, 4

{note: yes, these apply to girls, too.}
Source: via Erin on Pinterest

rule 1:  put them outside.

2.  teach them to cook
one day your little guy will be living on his own; in a college dorm or a London flat or his first house.  you will give him the love and support and knowledge he needs for his soul to be nourished, but don't forget his belly!  mac and cheese and microwaves can only go so far.  and besides, the ability to cook is an attractive asset for a man!

3.  let them play in the puddles
boys are attracted to puddles, messes, mud, dirt.  let them play.  let them discover, explore, get messy.  they'll learn that there's nothing a good bath can't fix.

4.  bring them to the theater, the art museum, the concert hall, and the sports arena
at my baby shower, i was shocked at how many sports-themed gifts wyeth received.  john never played a sport in his entire life and while i played a few, it's certainly not a big part of our lives.  but here in the usa, boys = sports.  and perhaps.  but boys can be dancers or actors or artists or musicians, and that's just as "manly" as a quarterback.  expose your boys to as many aspects of masculinity as possible and let them define it.

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